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    I took a ferry to the highway / Then I drove to a pontoon plane

    It is becoming obvious, is it not, that I’m kind of distracted? Most of it is getting ready to leave on Tuesday for a few weeks in North America. I have my tickets, my traveler’s insurance, my renewed visa, and my new reentry permit. I’ve resolutely held off reading Joanne Jacobs’s new book so I can devote myself to it on the flight(s). I’ve managed to cram in appointments with my dermatologist, dentist, chiropractor, and hair guy. (It’s starting to touch my ears–man, that drives me nuts.) Of course, there’s extra work at the office, too, because I’m getting ready to go to a meeting.

    My apartment is a disaster area. There’s no decaying organic matter, mind you. Just clutter. Here we have a last few loads of laundry, there we have a pile of things I can’t forget to take along. Atsushi’s Christmas present for my parents and brother is out in a prominent place ready for packing. I still have to buy the souvenir green tea I take back for people, though–have to remember that tomorrow.

    I don’t know why this go-round is turning into such a production–I generally several long-haul flights a year. (My bad back loves me for it, too.) Part of it is the season, probably. Travel arrangements came up just as my visa had to be renewed and our 2006 budget/planning proposals had to be done at work.

    Also, this time I’m not traveling with Atsushi, who’s very good at protecting me from my own absent-mindedness. He never seems to be ordering me around, or anything, but when he’s here, planning just…you know, goes smoothly. My dry-erase board, in addition to not smelling sexy when I bury my face in its hair, doesn’t seem to be able to make my sunglasses appear when I’m in danger of leaving them behind.

    Anyway, posting may be sketchy for the next few days, though it won’t be much lighter than usual while I’m actually at home and in the Caribbean. One pleasant surprise about having the blog is that it’s allowed me to communicate, albeit indirectly, with Atsushi in my natural American voice; since we’ll be a continent away from each other for half the month, the varied ways to keep in touch will be even more valued than they normally are.

    2 Responses to “I took a ferry to the highway / Then I drove to a pontoon plane”

    1. Zak says:

      Why do you need traveler’s insurance?

      If you have Japanese national insurance, they cover any medical expenses for accidents etc. that may occur in the States. You have to pay for it yourself, but if you bring back all the receipts and everything you get reimbursed.

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      My company always wants us to buy traveler’s insurance when we go away on business. Perhaps it’s a holdover from before Social Insurance, though our accountant, being an accountant, doesn’t strike me as the type to do that when spending extra money’s involved. Anyway, I have it.

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