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    I’m not going to have much time to spend with people when I go home, but one of the first blog-related acquaintances I made was Tom at Agenda Bender, and I’m hoping to get to see him during my approximately five minutes in Philadelphia. Almost exactly two years ago, he posted this. I have a feeling I’m going to be rereading it the first week of every December his blog is still up.

    5 Responses to “Brotherhood”

    1. jeff says:

      fyi Camille lives in Philly, see if you get me an autographed copy of TV Guide

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      You really think I need to be told Camille lives in Philly?! Honey, I was in college on the other side of the river from 1991-95, when she was first becoming explosively famous. Glorious times, those were. I’ll bet she loves being accosted for autographs as she’s walking up Broad Street on her way to class. See what I can do. ; )

    3. jeff says:

      Awesome! I made a pilgrimage to Santa Clara U a couple of yrs ago to hear her speak. It was great because right in front of me was an unattractive, slovenly-dressed feminist who keep shifting in her seat the whole time, shaking her head &sighing loudly

    4. Eric Scheie says:

      That post about Bill was unforgettable. Similar memories of mine are too painful to write about.

    5. Sean Kinsell says:

      jeff, when she spoke on campus when I was in college, they announced before the Q&A session that questions that crossed the line from adversarial to attacking wouldn’t be entertained. And who asked the first question? One of those queer theory idiots who dress like Tom Sawyer–you know, the overalls, the hair in the eyes, the whole bit–and he started ranting about how Paglia had misrepresented gay activism and queer theory. The resigned look on her face was priceless. He actually had a question of some kind; when he got around to it, she answered it. It was nothing exciting.

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