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    God, American men are hot. Every time I come home, I spend the first day wondering what the hell possessed me to move abroad. Yes, Atsushi is more than enough reason to stay abroad, but I didn’t meet him until I’d been in Japan for four years. Cute young American guys generally get handsomely weathered in middle age; Japanese guys just kind of bloat and get blotchy. (Atsushi won’t. He doesn’t smoke or drink, and he has me to take care of him. Which is the bigger factor in keeping him vibrant is not for me to judge.)

    I got to my old roommate’s office without incident. Picked up the keys, came to the apartment, and met the two chihuahuas he bought for his lovely fiancée for her birthday. They huddled in a corner and kind of growled at me for a bit, after which they fell blessedly, if sullenly, quiet. Then, inexplicably, about forty minutes after I arrived, they seemed to look at each other and say, “Oh yeah, that’s right–we’re supposed to be yappy and annoying dogs.” Thus began the querulous top-volume yelping, which continued even after I dumped my jet-lagged body in the bedroom for a nap. They didn’t stop until my friends got home hours later. I know this not because they kept me awake–a freight train right down 37th Street couldn’t have done that–but because every time I did hazily resurface they were still at it.

    Up at 3:30 for my morning flight. Yippee!

    8 Responses to “Overnight”

    1. Gaijin Biker says:

      That’s funny. Whenever I get off the plane in NY, my first thought it, “God, Americans (men and women) are fat!”

      You don’t see the hotties until you get into Manhattan proper.

    2. jeff says:

      Nakata? Ichiro? Takeshi Kaneshiro, the Azn Orlando Bloom (okay, he’s 1/2 Japanese). I have been called a rice queen (&every other name in the book…)

    3. Sean Kinsell says:


      Ichiro is cute, but he’s oh-look-at-the-fieldmouse! cute. Ditto Nakata. Though it’s pleasant to think, given their general physical solidity, that they could be persuaded to comport themselves like larger, more aggressive mammals in the sack.

      In general, though, Japanese guys aren’t sinewy and solid-looking. They tend to be either stringy or cushy, even if they aren’t fat. Interesting that you like Asians; I wouldn’t have particularly pegged you that way.

      Slightly OT: When I asked friends who knew my meeting was from the Dominican Republic whether they wanted me to bring anything back for them, everyone–every last fag–said, “A man!” Everyone seemed to think it was an original thought, too.

      Gaijin Biker:

      When I actually get off at JFK, that’s my first thought, too. I stop thinking that when I get into Manhattan. Then I start thinking it all over again when I visit my hometown in Pennsylvania Dutch country. Maybe one of the reasons I think the men are handsomer is that there’s just more of a profusion of face and body types. I generally like body hair, though my boyfriend is typically Japanese-smooth and is, naturally, the hottest man in the world.

    4. jeff says:

      I’m omniverous. Indian men also aren’t too hot, altho an Indian friend hilariously ranted that all the UGLY Indian men come to America, while the hot ones stay home. Of course, there is my boyfriend Salman Butt

    5. Sean Kinsell says:

      Yeah, South Asian guys tend to occupy the two poles of the hotness range (that Butt guy is way dishy). My old roommate in New York was joking that the reason everyone there thinks Dominican guys are hot is that they all moved to the US hoping to break into major league sports. Being on the ground now, as it were, I find hotness overrepresented here, too–though, of course, people hired to work in hoity-toity resorts are hardly a representative sample of most populations. Good eye candy, though.

    6. Gaijin Biker says:

      When I actually get off at JFK

      Huh huh huh huh…

      /beavis laugh

    7. Sean Kinsell says:

      If you can even make that kind of mental association, you’ve clearly had more-positive experiences with JFK than I have.

    8. Portia says:

      If this is NOT a guys only discussion, I’d like to point out Asian men are self-evidently hot. Well, at least it’s evident if you’re in a woman’s bathroom with your best friend and make a comment about Asian guy you just passed on lobby and friend says “Asian men just do it for me anyway” and from every single of those closed cubicles comes a “oh, yeah” and an “yes” and a “I thought I was alone in this.”

      It was like an impromptu support group of the “women who find Asian men hot” club. Very bizarre. Ended up staying in bathroom and talking for half an hour with these ten or fifteen women. Our husbands (friend’s husband is blond! :-D) wondered what the heck had happened to us, and it’s not like we could really tell them. Particularly NOT friend’s husband.

      Anyway — that’s how the other half (other quarter? Straight females… um… other neighborhood!) lives. :-)


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