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    Traveling, traveling, traveling, traveling

    Chris at Coming Out at 48 is back from his break and has prepared this grenadine, which reminds me that I still haven’t extracted from Atsushi what he wants from my parents. I came out to them…uh, it’ll be exactly ten years in two or so weeks, and if you’d told me then that in 2005, they’d be pestering me to tell them what they should get my boyfriend for Christmas, I would have looked at you as if you’d just landed from Mars. I was just kind of hoping to make it through the holidays in one piece.

    Things have changed 180 degrees, so I’ve been trying like mad to make this come off perfectly. You know, somehow finding out what Atsushi might like without letting him know that it’s going to come from my parents, so the surprise isn’t spoiled but he gets an artifact he really wants. Yeah, yeah, yeah, c’est le geste qui compte and stuff. It’s obviously not working, so I’ll post this. And Atsushi will read it. And tomorrow I’ll just ask him point blank what he wants my mother and father to get him from America. And I’ll spend Christmas and お正月 feeling undeserving of both him and them as usual.

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