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    Wind-borne evil

    Damn. Atsushi’s sick. In Japan, they use the same word colloquially for what we’d call a cold and for what we’d call the flu, so when someone says 風邪をひく (kaze wo hiku: “catch cold”), you don’t know how serious it actually is until you find out more about the symptoms. Last night on the phone, he said he had a 風邪–which was a warning sign right there. Atsushi always downplays his ailments, in typical Japanese fashion, so he refers to a regular cold as 風邪気味 (kaze-gimi: “a bit of a cold”) rather than 風邪 (“a [full-fledged] cold”), even if he’s pretty stuffed-up and lethargic. In any case, he caught it from his immediate boss, who is apparently in the hospital with an IV drip, so we are not talking about a hot-water-and-lemon-and-brandy-and-try-to-avoid-going-outdoors cold this time around. I hope Atsushi doesn’t get quite that sick, but it’s the end of the year and they’ve been working him to death. His resistance is obviously down, and tomorrow he’s going to be flying in and then joining the crush on the train to get to his parents’ place in his hometown for New Year’s Eve. Great for picking up more germs.

    So we’ve laid in plenty of fluids and electrolytes. I’ve also made sure we’re not out of…what’s it called, that iodine gargle stuff? People who live in Japan will know what I mean–it’s really great when you have a sore throat. And thanks to that nice Paul Smith, I am now the owner of three more pairs of insolently sexy boxers than I was on waking this morning. If Atsushi’s going to have to spend most of the break in bed anyway….

    4 Responses to “Wind-borne evil”

    1. Marzo says:

      I hope it is nothing. My best wishes for both of you.

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      Thanks. He sounds a lot better than he did on the phone a few days ago, and he doesn’t seem all that sniffly. Happy New Year, Marzo.

    3. Toren says:

      Ah, yes…Isogin gargle…vile, but effective.

      Hope he gets well soon…and you don’t catch it!

    4. Sean Kinsell says:

      Yeah, that’s the one. Everyone complains about the taste, but compared to some other cold remedies I’ve had foisted on me–take fenugreek tea…please!–it’s just kind of salty. Anyway, I’m trying to avoid getting snagged. (Hope you and your family have a good New Year, BTW, big guy.)

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