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    I search for the time / On a watch with no hands

    Atsushi is now on a plane. He will land at Haneda at around 9:30, arrive at our door at around 11:00, and leave for his parents’ place at around 14:00. That gives us three hours together (sort of) to celebrate New Year’s Eve, Japan’s major holiday. Given how we’ll have to shoehorn things in, I’m at least trying to make the house as close to spotless as possible, in the hopes that the effort will convey a celebratory air. Accompanying music by Heart. No, not the 70s stuff that we’re all supposed to admire for creating a distaff Led Zep–sorry, Mom and Dad–but the 80s stuff that was out when I was in high school. You know, after the Wilsons looked at each other and said, “Millions of kids shell out for albums at mall record stores every day. Dammit, WE WANT THAT MONEY. Where’s Diane Warren’s card?” There’s something very satisfying about lovingly, tenderly, soothingly moving a dusting glove over your favorite vases while shrieking “Who Will You Run To” along with Ann.

    I don’t know whether I’ll be back between now and tonight’s party. If I’m not, everyone have a happy and safe new year.

    4 Responses to “I search for the time / On a watch with no hands”

    1. John S. says:

      I hope that you two have a great New Year celebration. I really enjoyed New Year’s in Japan the first time I went… (my brother lived in Ikoma-shi, in the Nara prefecture). We went to a temple in Nara (although we’re Christians), and I got to experience yakitori and other fun stuff. A good time was had by all.

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      Thanks. We had sort of early-stage yakitori: I asked what he wanted for brunch, and he requested scrambled eggs. My man is very easy to please. Then we took a nap, and he left for his parents’ place. Pretty low-key, but tonight I’m going to be out with a bunch of people, so I’ll have a chance to do the headache-inducing-noise thing in several hours anyway. You have a good New Year, too, wherever you’re celebrating this year.

    3. Alan says:

      Happy new year.

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