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    Child, how can you see with all that light?

    No, I’m not drinking crushed dried plums in boiling water because I have a hangover.

    And if, just theoretically, I were drinking crushed dried plums in boiling water because I had a hangover, it wouldn’t be because I was with friends carousing until 6 a.m.

    That racket. Please, you have to stop the racket.

    Of course, some people’s headaches are just beginning:

    Looking beyond discredited architect Hidetsugu Aneha, police are now focusing on the companies that likely pressured him to fake his quake-resistance reports, sources said.

    Kumamoto Prefecture-based Kimura Construction Co. and Tokyo-based Huser Co., both named as central players in the wide-reaching scandal, are apparently soon to face criminal charges.

    The sources said a joint team of Metropolitan Police Department and Chiba and Kanagawa prefectural police investigators plan to hold Kimura Construction criminally responsible in the falsification of structural strength reports to cut costs.

    Aneha has told police that Akira Shinozuka, the former Tokyo branch head of Kimura Construction, pressured him to reduce the amount of steel fortification in his designs.

    All parties in the scandal have denied any wrongdoing, apart from Aneha.

    Huser is known to have sold condominium units even after it learned in October that they might have had substandard quake resistance.

    The Real Estate Business Law prohibits firms from signing contracts that intentionally withhold pertinent information from buyers.

    Substandard earthquake resistance is, you know, kinda pertinent here.

    Since Huser ordered the construction of the complexes, it can also be held in violation of the Building Standards Law.

    But unlike Kimura Construction, which drew up the design blueprints, Huser merely ordered them, so its intent to falsify data must be proven for it to be held criminally responsible, sources said.

    We can now look forward to months, perhaps years, of “Oh, yes, you did”…”Oh, no, I didn’t.”

    The good news is that we seem to have gone a few days without the discovery of yet another substandard building. The number is almost certain to break ninety at some point in the new year, though.

    4 Responses to “Child, how can you see with all that light?”

    1. 1) During my macrobiotic period, which lasted 10 minutes, I had appendicitis. I woke up in the middle of the nite with the WORST heartburn. Also, I couldn’t stand up straight. The only thing I had was an umeboshi plum. It didn’t help.

      2) I’m still recovering from that image of you frauleining around the house to Ann &Nancy Wilson

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      1) Someone told you to take umeboshi for heartburn? Oy. I hope the hospital didn’t have to do a John Wayne on your stomach.

      2) What about love? / Don’t let it slip awaaaaa-yay-yaaaayyy….

    3. I think that song was about the time Ann got so big they only shot her with a fish-eye lens for the video. I thought umeboshi was good for anything, altho I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re doubled over in excruciating pain

    4. Sean Kinsell says:

      Let’s not be stingy with the credit there: the wardrobe people in charge of corseting helped, too.

      Glad you’re better.

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