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    Insert joke about $1000 hammers here

    The corruption scandal at the JDA (the Japan Defense Agency this time, not the Japan Dental Association–keep those scandals straight!) is coming to a head:

    Japan Defense Agency chief Fukushiro Nukaga announced on a TBS television program the morning of 1 February that he was planning to dissolve the Defense Facilities Administration Agency because of collusion scandals revolving around its procurement and construction practices. The new approach will be to review the DFAA’s organizational structure with an eye for its integration with the [rest of] the JDA.

    Nukaga stated, “The plan is to dissolve the body and make suitable adjustments. Given the extent of the goings-on, it has become clear that collusion is embedded in the structure of the organization. A dissolution is what the public expects, furthermore, it’s the decision I want to make, too.”

    The JDA stuff has ranged from inflated aircraft repair/parts procurement costs to cagily jiggering payments for use of facilities in Okinawa to illegal tracking of personal information, but the most recent flap is over bid rigging for climate control installation and construction projects. At this late date, no one pretends to be too shocked at revelations of collusion. Actually getting rid of an entity that’s not doing it’s job, however, is a pretty novel proposition. It didn’t help much in the Great Ministerial Chinese Fire Drill of 2001, but if Nukaga–who can be wonderfully stubborn when he wants to be–is serious, the administrative structure for Japan’s defense could really see meaningful streamlining. Not a moment too soon, either.

    12 Responses to “Insert joke about $1000 hammers here”

    1. John says:

      It was a $500 hammer and a $1000 toilet seat ;-).

      A buddy of mine in Defense procurement explained the hammer to me: in arctic conditions, such as our bases in Norway, regular metal can get brittle. So special alloy hammers that cost a lot of money get ordered. But the DoD, either through stupidity, laziness, or collusion in the form of a retired general on the board of Snap-On (most likely a combination of all 3), got all the hammers to be special alloy. Don’t need to worry if you sent the wrong batch to Norway, then, right?

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      Sorry–it was a long time ago. Don’t tell me they needed special non-chilling plastic for the toilets in Norway. : )

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