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    Root causes

    I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, That psycho who attacked the gay bar in Massachusetts must have been egged on by the Religious Right, because…well, the Religious Right is responsible for all gay problems right down to that hangnail you got before your last blind date. And right correct you are (via IGF):

    The hatred and loathing fueling this morning’s vicious attack on gay men in New Bedford is not innate, it is learned. And who is teaching it? Leaders of the so-called Christian right, that’s who. Individuals like James Dobson of Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins, the Rev. Pat Robertson and their ilk are obsessed with homosexuality. They use their vast resources, media networks and affiliated pulpits to blame lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people for all the ills of society. They disguise their hatred as ‘deeply held religious beliefs.’ We have witnessed seven years of vicious anti-LGBT organizing in Massachusetts — and endured the hate-filled rantings of Brian Camenker of the Article 8 Alliance and Parents Rights Coalition and Ed Pawlick of MassNews. The blood spilled this morning is on their hands.

    I wasn’t aware that the NGLTF PR office was staffed by research psychologists–there appears to be no evidence presented for the claim that the teenaged suspect in this case was socialized into his psychopathic behavior, rather than being just a plain wrong-‘un. I was also under the impression that genuine Nazi-sympathizing nut cases–as the suspect appears to be–thought Dobson and Robertson and their fellow-travelers were a bunch of pussies, in part precisely because they stop well short of recommending that faggots be shot.

    Steve Miller also deadpans an appropriate response to the predictable call for more hate crimes legislation:

    From HRC: Anti-gay hate crime in Massachusetts is enraging reminder of need to pass law. I agree; walking into a bar and shooting people really ought to be against the law. Glad to hear that HRC is on the case.

    The suspect has been apprehended, having now added the murder of another woman and a traffic cop to his record of impishly charming little escapades. CNN also has, BTW, an interview with one of the original victims at the gay bar. (I don’t know whether the link will work, but here it is.) The guy reacts with such equanimity and such sweetly self-effacing humor it breaks your heart. Some lunatic almost murdered him with a freaking hatchet and gun a few nights ago, for crying out loud. I’m glad he says he has friends and family to help him through, and I hope the other two victims are as lucky.

    2 Responses to “Root causes”

    1. Eric Scheie says:

      And while we’re at it, we ought to increase the penalties for hating people who want to kill homos for religious reasons. Can’t leave anyone out! Wouldn’t want them to feel insulted.

      Maybe when this kid goes to prison he’ll get some real anti-gay religion. People who aren’t afraid to demand the death penalty for homosexuality who work as prison clerics.

    2. Eric Scheie says:

      Sorry I mentioned prison, because the little scumbucket is dead.

      But those who think he’s a product of Falwell and Dobson might want check out his fascinating blog:


      (Via http://huffcrimeblog.com/?p=460)

      I read very carefully looking for the ties to “Leaders of the so-called Christian right,” and, well I’m stumped. I give up.

      Jekyll boy is a self described atheist who says,

      i would like to meet serial killers, murderers, metalheads, goth chicks, juggaletts, juggalos, ninjas, punks, AnTiEmOs, potheads, ravers, umpa lumpas, necromaniacs, and if there is one, a ”necrodendropediphilaic”..m/..m/ other sh!t too but too high to think

      Oh I get it! The above must be code language for “James Dobson of Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins, the Rev. Pat Robertson.”

      Makes sense now. Never mind!

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