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    The tramp still vamps

    Too much time, too little to do!

    No, wait. That’s not it.

    Anyway, quick link to this Open Source radio interview with Camille Paglia about the resignation of Larry Summers from the presidency of Harvard (via Rondi Adamson).

    I haven’t actually heard her speak for a decade or so, so I was interested to hear what she sounded like at fifty-nine. Believe it or not, she’s mellowed. I mean, she talks at a more leisured pace. Of course, you can still tell she’s spent her entire life chatting with artfags–Girlfriend italicizes all her adjectives: everything is “extra-orrrr-dinary!” or “un-pah-latable!” But she actually talks slowly enough that you can digest what she’s saying now. She certainly didn’t the few times I heard her lecture in college, which was part of the fun.

    Even more, I think, than Andrew Sullivan, Bruce Bawer, or Jonathan Rauch, Paglia gave me a feeling of assurance–her media fame was skyrocketing on the other side of the city while I was in college–that you could be bookishly gay without being either a picturesquely noble AIDS sufferer or a high-strung spoiled brat. I’m glad she’s still materializing to talk about educational reform and PC perniciousness sometimes, because the problems she was addressing in 1991 are still with us.

    3 Responses to “The tramp still vamps”

    1. Alan says:

      I just started reading Sex, Art, and American Culture and this woman is crazy. Pretentious, all over the place – I love it!

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      Yeah, she just doesn’t stop, does she? It’s a real mind-blow to think that I was twenty when I first read that book–was there ever a time I didn’t have Camille rattling around in my brain?

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