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    It’s the shiny time

    Hi, everyone. Remember me?

    March wiped the floor with this bitch.

    It wasn’t bad, mind–there was a lot to accomplish, and it all got done–just intense. Last night I came home and realized that, for the first time in, like, ever, my head wasn’t buzzing with 5000 things that had to be done TOMORROW OR ELSE. And I got into bed and talked to Atsushi when he called and read my book for a while (actually paying attention to it) and then went to sleep without once jumping up for my datebook to scrawl in something I’d forgotten.

    Of course, I actually did have to do 5000 things today–I just wasn’t anxious about them ahead of time. Now that the month is REALLY over, I need to do a punishing workout or something. But I can’t because I got up early and worked out this morning. So I think it’s a long walk up Meiji Avenue. Despite the pointlessness of the new subway line, I like the construction sites.

    2 Responses to “It’s the shiny time”

    1. Echo chan says:

      sorry to interrupt you. suddenly rush into your blog. quite interesting .but can i beg you pardon to explain what’s the meaning of white peril?i saw it in today’s economist.com…thanks.


    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      Well, The Economist wasn’t talking about my blog, obviously. : ) You’re referring to the article about the PRC’s ambivalent relationship with its foreign investors, right? Well, that’s basically the idea–white peril refers to the idea that, by inviting Westerners in, Asian countries are getting not only the advantage of capital and know-how but also the disadvantage of having their culture diluted. The term is an adaptation from yellow peril, which was used to refer to Chinese and Japanese immigrants to the US in the late 1800s.

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