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    New Yasukuni visit

    And just to drive home that one-big-happy-family feeling….

    Courting the likelihood of another outburst from overseas, 96 members of a suprapartisan lawmakers’ group visited war-related Yasukuni Shrine on Friday, the first day of an annual three-day spring rite.

    The politicians belong to a group called Minnade Yasukunijinja ni Sanpaisuru Kokkaigiin no Kai, which literally means, “A group of Diet members who visit Yasukuni Shrine together.”

    The 96 lawmakers who visited Friday included former Liberal Democratic Party Secretary-General Makoto Koga, who currently serves as the head of Nippon Izokukai, an association for bereaved family members of the nation’s war dead.

    Well, all right, then. (BTW, that name really is a mouthful–皆で靖国神社に参拝する国会議員の会. They must have some eyecatching letterhead.)

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