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    So my friends Jon and Margaret are married now. Jon was the one I lived with here in the City when I was in grad school; he’s visited me in Japan a few times. Of course, you have a special relationship with each of your friends, but Jon and I did a lot of the sort of talking-about-your-hopes-for-yourself stuff you do in college and immediately afterward. Seeing him get together with Margaret–who not only got everyone’s approval but has become a trusted friend in her own right–has been wonderful over the last few years. Now they’re all official and stuff.

    Of course, with my usual absent-mindedness, I had to go and make things exciting for myself. I bought a new formal shirt last week and figured I’d pick up a new tie at the same time. I could’ve sworn the one I bought at Isetan was the one I’d just tried out. But apparently not. At 16:45 on Saturday, getting ready for the 18:00 wedding, I realized that even when I lengthened it all the way, my tie was too short. (Is a size 15 really that big even for Japan? Doesn’t matter in any case now.) Luckily, I used to live in Murray Hill, so I know I could shoot down from my hotel on 49th to Brooks Brothers a few blocks away and be back in twenty minutes if I kind of jogged it.

    But you know how it is when you’re in a hurry: Life gets a sense of mischief. So I get on the elevator from the 15th floor, and there are two women around my parents’ age already aboard. The buttons for the 9th, 8th, and 7th floors are pressed. One of the women smiles gaily and says, “Sorry–I’m a little preoccupied because my daughter’s getting married today, and we just kept pressing the wrong button until we finally managed to hit 7!” The sort of thing that would have been adorable during any other five-minute period of the weekend. I managed to smile back and wish Mother of Bride the best through my teeth, and we descended (very slowly) lobbyward.

    When I got to the shop, the guys in formalwear were merciless. “Cutting it a little close, huh, buddy?” Yeah, no kidding. To the point that as an insurance policy, I got a pre-tied number, too. Men in the audience will know this, but bow ties don’t necessarily come in standard sizes–the gourd-like bulges that you fold to make the bow are off a little from tie to tie, so it can take a few tries before you get a new one to look right. I didn’t have time for a few tries.

    I did, however, manage to get to the ceremony on time and with all parts where they were supposed to be. I didn’t even flag and start falling asleep during the reception, despite the evening hour and flowing alcohol. And the dancing.

    Between the wedding and the rest of the walking (we must have crossed the park four times yesterday) and the eating out and drinking, I certainly hope I can sleep on the plane back home to Tokyo today. Luckily, I’m still on Japan time, so I was wide awake at 5 a.m. I didn’t…this is how busy I was…have a chance to go to the bookstore even once, so I may be at the mercy of Hudson News for in-flight material when I get to JFK. Oh, or I could pop down to Grand Central in the time before my ride comes, I guess.

    Hope everyone else has a good Monday.

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