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    He’ll be dead in a minute

    You know how I said things were settling down a few weeks ago? Well, they weren’t really. However, they are now. I’ve hired a few new people at work (including an assistant), and everyone seems to be starting off fine–as measured by the amount of decrease I can feel in my own workload. I’m still a little shellshocked, though, and may take a few days to get back into posting regularly–it’s kind of too bad that my busy-ness coincided with such trivial Japan-US news as the Bush-Koizumi karaoke party, the DPRK missile test, and the new effusions about the beef ban. I mean, I guess it’s too bad if you think of me as a fount of wisdom about Japan news. Luckily, no wars seem to be starting, either over missile tests or over amateur desecrations of Elvis songs.

    Anyway, thanks again to those who are still checking back, and to those who’ve kept writing occasionally to make sure I hadn’t disappeared.

    5 Responses to “He’ll be dead in a minute”

    1. Mark Alger says:

      Whew! Had me worried, there. Was wonderin’ whether to send out the dogs.


    2. Eric Scheie says:

      Well, I don’t think sending out the dogs would work, although Coco sure would love to find you!

      As to thinking of you as a “fount of wisdom about Japan news,” don’t worry, Sean! For me, you’re simply a fount of wisdom in a very unwise world.


    3. Glad you’re back. I keep checking. I also linked to your posting a while back about why you sometimes don’t want to blog after a day at work — I could totally relate!

      So much to comment on from Japan — missiles from Pyongyang, Koizumi at Graceland…

    4. Alan says:

      I hope that title’s not in third person.

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