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    Aneha to see day in court

    The first court date for architect and fraudster Hidetsugu Aneha will be 6 September. The Nikkei story doesn’t give much more detail–Tokyo District Court, Judge Masaaki Kawaguchi presiding. Given that what’s been revealed so far has included complicity up and down lines of authority in construction companies, ineptitude and negligence on the part of government agencies responsible for enforcing safety standards, and the implications of an official or two in delaying proceedings against the companies involved…well, let’s just hope nothing even more, you know, interesting comes out at the trial. We may not be able to stand it. What will be interesting is to see whether it has any political effect: that first day in court will be right around the Diet election that will decide who succeeds Koizumi as Prime Minister. So far, the public appears–correctly, I think–to see the problem as lying with bureaucrats rather than elected officials.

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