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    And we orchestrate the moves that complement the play

    Just finished using my ice cream maker for the first time; there’s no better way to assess how nimble the temperature control is on your burners than by making custard. (Double boilers are for sissies.) Things turned out fine, though even on the lowest setting, we got perilously close to Scramble City. So we’ve now established that I can contrive all my staple foods without incident here.

    I think I accidentally took Atsushi’s grater and a few other kitchen-drawer things, too. Will have to give him yet another parcel of items now. We’ve been meeting pretty regularly; the still-friends thing is working, if still a bit awkwardly. This weekend, I finally had a chance to give him back my key to the apartment, and there was a sense of finality to it that put me a little out of sorts. (Silly, I know, given that we broke up in October and I moved out a month ago.) I’ve been on a Fleetwood Mac jag since then. Mostly Tusk . Yeah, yeah, yeah– Rumours is the break-up classic, but it doesn’t fit. Between Atushi and me, there’s neither Lindsey-Stevie hostility nor a John-Christine thing in which one helplessly watches the other’s spiral of self-destruction. We’re just kind of wary around each other–acutely attentive to boundaries and things. So it’s mostly Tusk with Interiors thrown in occasionally.

    In other news, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous here. Time to start thinking about houseplants, actually. Hope everyone else is enjoying the slide into late spring.

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