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    Hmm…. This sounds oddly familiar:

    The National Police Agency revealed on 13 June that 10,000 files that included police information appear to have been leaked from an employee’s private PC over the Internet via the filesharing software Wini. It is possible that depositions and affidavits regarding police cases were included; the content and nature of the leaked data are being thoroughly investigated.

    According to the current investigation, the employee (26) was a chief patrol officer in a regional division of the Kitazawa office. A PC he was using at home became infected with a virus, and approximately 9000 document files and 1000 photographic files that had been saved on it appear to have been leaked through Wini. The chief patrol officer explained of the leaked data, “I received it from the head of the patrol department of the regional division.”

    If you’re thinking, Uh, gee, hasn’t something like that happened before? the answer is, Why, yes, it has.

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