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    I’ve Got a Lover (Back in Japan)

    Glad this week is over–productive but super-busy. I was mercifully spared any cross-cultural encounters of the variety below (sent to me by my buddy–those Brits!):

    Speaking of people from the UK, I’d feared, given the title, that Annie Lennox’s new album would consist of Songs of Mass Sanctimony . After all, her attempts at social commentary with Eurythmics could be downright laughable. She and David should have won some sort of Freedom from Self-Awareness Award for this one:

    Nothing really to fear, it turned out, fortunately–not even on the one with the Choir of Concerned Mommies. Nice to have her recording again.

    I also truly enjoyed the opening salvo from this week’s Popbitch:

    “I theme-dress depending on where I’m going… if I was going to dinner at a Chinese restaurant, I would wear a kimono – it makes it more fun.” Kelly Osbourne.

    Good to know the child’s as much as grammarian as she is a geographer, huh? Whatever you do, though, do NOT click on the Anna Nicole Smith link toward the bottom of this week’s mailing. Ugsome. I still haven’t recovered.

    Out of here for the weekend. Have a good one, everyone.

    3 Responses to “I’ve Got a Lover (Back in Japan)”

    1. Ed says:

      In case you haven’t seen it before, the actor in that first clip, Chris Morris, previously did a series called Brass Eye, which is the greatest TV yet created.

      See Clips on YouTube and a description on Wikipedia.

    2. Alice says:

      I’m the only cool and funny person from the GB who actually didn’t like Brass Eye, it seems. I’m a wimp though: prefer The Day Today, Chris Morris-wise. Also interesting for the early Alan Partridge (Steve Coogan before he got into drugs and that embarrassing thing with Courtney Love).

      Great videos :)

    3. Sean Kinsell says:

      I actually didn’t recognize him, Ed. I’ve seen a few Brass Eye segments, including all of the 2001 special. (There’s no way I’m putting the subject in this Google-able space.) There’s also the one about homos in the navy, I think?

      But my buddy is a BIG Catherine Tate fan, so he made me a DVD or two of the show after the second run, I think. I have to say, I normally don’t find Janice and Ray all that funny–because I’m a colonial, probably–but Nan Taylor and Derek and Helen Marsh are hysterical.

      Alice, yeah, what was that Courtney Love thing? Did she seriously have his baby? I lost track.

      Well, more turned my head away.

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