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    At least it wasn’t Norma Rae

    Perhaps this is even more disturbing than the result of that serial killer test, though I did answer the questions as accurately as possible (via Internet Ronin):

    What Classic Movie Are You?
    personality tests by similarminds.com

    I didn’t know I even had a shadow self.

    Added later: “Emaciated do-gooder”? WTF?

    What Famous Leader Are You?
    personality tests by similarminds.com

    7 Responses to “At least it wasn’t Norma Rae

    1. Internet Ronin says:

      LOL! I made a lousy boy scout but look where I ended up. Did you try the fearless leader test? I took all 4 versions and got 3 different answers – 2 Gandhis, 1 Lincoln and 1 Saddam. Go figure

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      No, haven’t taken that one yet. Can’t wait to see what matches up with Apocalypse freakin’ Now.

    3. John Spomer says:

      Should I worry that I took the 45-question test and came up with ADOLF HITLER!?!?

    4. Maria says:

      Okay, this might end up twice on the board–

      I only took the 18 question tests. I am Abe Lincoln and the movie, “Easy Rider”! Any funny connections? Anyone? Anyone? I can handle being slammed as long as it’s truly creative and funny…

    5. Maria says:

      BTW, “Perfection is important to you,” does describe you, Sean, as I recall. 😉

    6. Sean Kinsell says:

      John, maybe those around you should be worrying more. :)

      Maria, I can’t think of any connections, though the juxtaposition itself is certainly funny.

      And yeah, I suppose I am a perfectionist…not to say a fuss-budget.

    7. Eric Scheie says:

      Sean, the test said I am Hitler too! Would you please warn people? There are some things I just can’t share on my blog.

      Really, now.

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