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    Hope everyone had a great holiday. I stayed in Tokyo this year, as did more of my friends than usual–a good thing, since I’ll be out of town for the next two months.

    For eleven years, I’ve lived in a country vulnerable to earthquakes and typhoons that sits a missile’s-throw from a nuke-hungry enemy. What could be more exciting? Hmm…how about a country vulnerable to earthquakes and typhoons that sits a missile’s throw from a super-huge country that already has nukes AND regards it as a renegade province? So I accepted an invitation from an old friend who owns the Taiwan branch of my former company to spend a few months in her office as a consultant. I leave at the end of this week, and I’m looking forward to it. To judge from my visits to Taipei, it’s not somewhere I’d want to live long-term, but I’ve always wanted more time to explore the place. Seven or so weeks seems like a good length of time, with some time back when the country shuts down for Chinese New Year.

    For the moment, I’m gearing up for the jump and watching the Clinton-Obama numbers in New Hampshire.

    2 Responses to “JAA”

    1. Rondi says:

      Have a great time! How exciting. I hope you blog from there.

    2. Maria says:

      Speaking of Clinton-Obama, what are you thinking, my conservative/libertarian/independent friend? It looks like Pennsylvania’s primary/caucus is

      April 22nd, or would you be registered as a New York voter?

      Personally, I know I’ll vote Democrat. But, honestly, I don’t know who I’ll pick between Clinton, Obama, and Edwards. Having filed for bankruptcy because of unpaid medical bills due to my pre-existing condition (traumatic brain injury), and having no health insurance several years of my adult life because I couldn’t afford COBRA–aptly named, BTW–universal health care is a priority for me. Edwards has the good sense to know you don’t negotiate with pharmaceuticals or HMO’s. Clinton has a comprehensive health care plan and maybe this time, when she has had experience holding an elected office, she could persuade the necessary congresspeople to vote for her plan. Obama is a relatively new face (a nice change) who is an eloquent and rousing speaker. I wish Edwards had more financial support.

      Anyway, enough of my ranting. How good is your Chinese? Enjoy your adventures in Taiwan!

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