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    How can I be sure?

    This morning, for just about the first time in ten years, I got my hair cut by someone who’s not my regular guy in Tokyo. He made me feel right at home by putting gunk in my hair despite my telling him that I didn’t need any. He also had this idea that he was going to convince me to style it–there was this whole thing about using more gel on the sides than on the top and pushing it foward and down. I think there was a blow-dryer involved somewhere. Since he was recommended by a friend of mine down here (and had given me a good cut), I thought, but did not say, “Honey, I know we’re Family, but you have to understand something: I use the best degreasing shampoo I can get my hands on. Then I towel my hair dry. Then, if anything looks out of place, I finger comb it, kind of. Once. Anything more complicated than that, including applications of goo, is not happening.”

    Speaking of high-maintenance hair, can you believe Dusty‘s been dead for almost a full decade? Shelby Lynne has an album out now of covers of her songs. (Songs Dusty sang, of course, since she wasn’t known for her songwriting.) I’m trying to decide whether to buy it. I like Lynne’s voice, and though I tend to run headlong in the opposite direction from anything peddled as “alt-something,” I recognize that it’s probably not her fault that she gets icky marketing. She also had the good taste to pick two of the best songs from Dusty in Memphis to cover, along with a third, without going for the obvious attention-getting gambit of making a beeline for “Son of a Preacher Man.”

    Oh, why not? I have one more long-ish commute to work tomorrow before Chinese New Year, and if it sucks, I can always recover my spirits by listening to the real thing.

    7 Responses to “How can I be sure?”

    1. Janis Gore says:

      I do my hair the same way!

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      It’s the only way to go.

      Bitch thought I could be convinced to use a HAIR DRYER. The insolence!

    3. Internet Ronin says:

      I go as far as running a brush or comb through it once, but that’s about it. I think goop application must be the first thing taught at barber school. Never understood it. Quit using butch wax in 2nd grade. (Hmmmm. I wonder…)

    4. Janis Gore says:

      If I used a hair dryer I’d look like a mature dandelion. I’d need goop.

    5. Sean Kinsell says:

      Internet Ronin:

      “Quit using butch wax in 2nd grade. (Hmmmm. I wonder…)”

      Well, there’s no point in even coming up with a wise-cracking response to that one…way too easy.

      And Janis, my hair would bouf out, too, if I blew it dry. Toweling it to Kingdom Come seems to do it just fine.

    6. No one believes me when I tell them I don’t use a blow dryer. If I can’t brush my hair into shape, then to hell with it — the world will simply have to endure my head au naturel. Hey, what can I say — my arms tire easily. Life is too short, yadda yadda.

      I did buy some hair gel recently, with the idea that maybe it would be useful for job interviews. Haven’t used it yet, though.

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