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    Over and over

    Occasionally, the thought flits through my head that maybe Go Fug Yourself isn’t quite as funny as I think it is. Then I start guffawing again and forget all about it. This is Heather’s riff on one of the photo-op photos from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions last night:


    MADONNA: And the arms, they work, right? Young people have great arms. Justin probably has awesome arms. He’s kind of my inspiration, actually. God, I just want to use my fearsome guns to tear off his young flesh and eat it.

    JUSTIN: I don’t know why, but I’m suddenly afraid that Madonna is going to use her fearsome guns to tear off my young flesh and eat it.

    IGGY: I wonder what it’d taste like if I used Madonna’s fearsome guns to tear off that kid’s young flesh and eat it.

    I’m still not sure how much of Madonna’s strangeness of appearance is due to getting work done; a lot of it could be all the dieting and working out. No question, though, that she’s bringing the same determination to staying “youthful” that she did to becoming a star. And (to bring up Taylor Dayne for the second time in a week) M. at least is working with her facial structure rather than against it.

    To see Madonna’s continued ability to polarize people in action, refer to this comment thread at Ann Althouse’s.

    One Response to “Over and over”

    1. Eric Scheie says:

      Thanks for alerting me to that comment thread. I feel it is my duty to police all discussions which might touch on a film with which I was involved, and when I saw this, I felt obligated to speak up:

      “I don’t think Madonna ever had a horse’s head put in the producer’s bed in order to get a movie role.”

      As I said in the comment “I’ll have to ask the producer of her first film (A Certain Sacrifice), but my recollection is that she wrote a rambling three page letter to get the role, and then later sued him when the film was released.

      There’s a certain polarization there, I think.

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