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    Northern Exposure

    I wish I were totally on board. Too many questions remain about Sarah Palin’s qualifications. I don’t mean her experience–we all know more or less the extent of that–I mean her inborn gift for running things, for not backing down when challenged directly, and for learning about tough policy matters on the fly. But she has serious gravitas as a speaker that implies that she could be a redoubtable leader, and she knows how to leaven things to appear approachable. She’s doing everything right so far. I realize that those of us who want a modest, ushowy executive branch are in the minority, so her job isn’t to court us; but if it were, she would be doing everything right to this point.

    Added at 12:23: Ooh…my favorite pit-bull, owned by one of my favorite people, agrees!

    8 Responses to “Northern Exposure”

    1. Zak says:

      You are clearly biased because you think her husband’s a hotty.

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      That probably, sad to say, wouldn’t be an unprecedented way to decide how to cast one’s vote.

    3. Eric Scheie says:

      “You are clearly biased because you think her husband’s a hotty.”

      Maybe that’ll be the new line of attack against women for Palin.

      And as for the men (the heterosexual ones, at least) maybe this:

      “You are clearly biased because you think she’s a hotty.”

    4. Maria says:

      Someone close to me said, after watching Michelle Obama on stage, that he would be willing to vote for Barack for the simple reason that his wife, Michelle, had the good sense and self-confidence to wear flats when on stage at the DNC. (He’s one of those rare heterosexual men that doesn’t think highly of women in high heels). Stranger reasons have been used to explain a voting choice…

    5. Rob says:

      LCD Soundsystem, IMHO. Mostly competent if not inspiring delivery of the SOS: partisan attacks, not a whiff or whit of substance about programs, and Welfare Queen in a Cadillac distortions. Maybe all the Republicans who crossed the line to watch “Seinfeld,” like old John himself, will dig the J.L.-Dreyfus look, but this wasn’t even the New Christine.

    6. Sean Kinsell says:

      Well, now you know how some of us have felt about suffering through Obama’s speeches for…Gawd, it seems like a decade by this point. The Show about Nothing, indeed! Which isn’t to say that the Democrats have a lock on that; it’s just that convention speeches generally make allusions to political beliefs, in the expectations that both confirmed fellow-travelers and on-the-fence types will project pleasant expectations about nuts-and-bolts policy onto them.

    7. Rob says:

      My sister the sister, though certainly no Palindrone, would wholeheartedly agree. I guess we all have our preferred flavors of nothing.

    8. Sean Kinsell says:

      Yes, and it doesn’t sound like nothing if it’s coming from someone you sympathize with, because you intuitively fill in the generalities with the specific policies you want to imagine they refer to

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