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    Fire in the hole

    Damn. Recalls of cars and gyoza are bad enough, but this is way too much:

    Manufacturers of electric toilet seats equipped with a warm water bidet are warning users of a potential fire risk following a series of accidents, which they said were caused by defects and, in some cases, improper usage.

    An industry group is issuing customers with flyers featuring illustrations on proper usage, while explaining past accidents.

    Electric toilet seats with bidets began to be widely produced in 1980. According to a survey conducted by the Cabinet Office, 68.3 percent of households across the country had at least one such product as of March.

    However, a committee comprising 10 electric toilet seat manufacturers has said some of the accidents might have been caused by improper usage. Of 152 cases of fire and smoke accidents reported by the manufacturers since 1991, the committee judged that 24 were highly likely to have been caused by improper usage.

    As someone who lived in Tokyo for a dozen years and had an electronic toilet seat for most of them, I miss the thing terribly. Having come back to the States, I feel like a gorilla having to go without the butt wash. I hope all these householders can go back to using their appliances in trusting bliss.

    5 Responses to “Fire in the hole”

    1. Janis Gore says:

      I visited Rome several years ago during the summer.

      After hours touring, the bidet wasn’t just sanitary, but refreshing.

      Yes, yes, you could say it hit the spot.

      So, hon, how y’all?

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      I’ll have to take your word for that, ma’am.

      I can tell you with authority, however, that I’m doing fine myself–neither in summer, nor in Rome, nor with access to a washlet (or equivalent). Hope you and yours are well, too.

    3. Connie says:

      I’m still stuck on the phrase “improper usage” and the visuals it creates are all your fault.

    4. Sean Kinsell says:

      I just report, Connie. :)

    5. Junichiro says:

      Maybe you miss it the most..;)

      It’s nice to hear you are doing fine in US.

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