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    Hello world!


    The owners of Powerblogs have devoted their energies to other things for the last few years and are thinking of shutting it down soon, so it seemed like a good time to make the jump to another platform.  I’m trying things out here without redirecting www.seorookie.net to it for the moment, for anyone who’s happened on it and been confused.  At first I was going to delete this post and start with a new one after importing everything from my existing blog, but I like the title, which reminds me of the chorus to the first song on the Go-Go’s reunion album eight or so years ago.  Not the most consistent album, but a fantastic opening volley.  Think I’ll listen to it.

    Anyway, if you’re a regular reader, you’ll see this after I redirect my domain to WP.  If anything’s displaying weird or what have you, please let me know.

    Added later: Is it my imagination, or does this fixed-width format make me look even more long-winded than usual?

    Added still later: Naturally, mine seems to be the only computer in the free world that is still directing to the old Powerblogs blog. GRRRR! I wouldn’t have been able to get things up and running here last night were it not for my mother’s behemoth desktop, on which she uses AOL. AOL! Who’d have thought I’d ever be thankful to have AOL to fall back on?

    Added yet later: Okay, I think it’s displaying fine in Firefox now, though it took me a bit to figure out what the problem was. (Why on Earth would you want to put the code in for the footer at the end of your Main Page template? That would be silly!) If anyone’s getting weirdnesses (besides that related to the content of what I post), please let me know.

    4 Responses to “Hello world!”

    1. Sarah says:

      Nice place you have here. I like it, even with the picture of the possessed kitty up top.

      Since my writers’ group has infected me with lol cats I have to fight the urge to caption that “I guard the gates of hell… er… hall. Yeah, that’s the ticket, hall.” … but then I don’t spell proper lolcat. Never learned. :)

    2. Mark Alger says:

      Whoa! Wondred who this was. Oh! It’s Sean! Wow! Nice look. (TELL me it’s a default template!) Fresh outlooks good for creativity, too.


    3. Mrs. du Toit says:

      Looks good/fine so far.

      The last thing I’d say about you is that you’re “short winded,” regardless of format. On the contrary. I wish you were more long winded and WROTE MORE.

      But that’s just me. ;p

    4. Sean says:

      Thanks, everyone. I haven’t really had to do anything with my CSS since the last time I migrated the blog somewhere, which was…er, 2005. So I found myself staring at .txt files in Notepad thinking, I used to know exactly what to do with this! I think everything’s to my liking, mostly, now…though I may switch out those bullet-point graphics in the sidebar–they’re a little bit much.

      Sarah, I will give Ludwig your message; I’m sure he will be flattered, though his look of disdain won’t change a bit.

      Mark, LOL. You’re right: there was no “super-fabulous (purple)” theme, so I had to compromise. Actually, the theme I used as a template was almost entirely okay as far as structure went, which was nice. Going in and changing color values is much easier than screwing around with everything else.

      Connie, you know how it is with me. I go in cycles. Since I’ve expended so much energy getting the new berth set up here, I’ll probably be effusing more than is usual for me of late. If that makes you happy, I’m glad. :)

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