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    School ties

    Agenda Bender resurfaced recently, as he is wont to do, with this item about the Brothers Kim:

    WaPo Former classmates at a Swiss boarding school describe a shy student who loved basketball and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Recent reports describe him as overweight and a heavy drinker. Now 26, Kim Jong Un has reportedly been tapped to become the next leader of nuclear-armed North Korea.

    For years, Kim Jong Il’s eldest son Jong Nam, 38, was considered the favorite to succeed his father until he was caught trying to enter Japan on a fake passport in 2001, reportedly to visit the Disney resort.

    Kim considers the middle son, Jong Chol, too effeminate, according to the leader’s former sushi chef.

    Jong Un, however, is the “spitting image” of his father and the leader’s favorite, the chef, who goes by the pen name Kenji Fujimoto, wrote in a 2003 memoir.

    I want some remembrances of Kim Jong Chol by his former Swiss-boarding school classmates.

    Yeah, really. They always leave out the most interesting part of the story.

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