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    Very hazardous duties

    How sad to read that Farrah Fawcett (after all these years, I nearly typed “Farrah Fawcett-Majors” on autopilot from boyhood memory) has died. Charlie’s Angels may have had the dumbest mystery scripts imaginable, but the actresses themselves were very good at embodying a very American type of beauty–alert, inquisitive, and, when necessary, mouthy. Sure, they jiggled. They were always on the move, doing something: chasing bad guys, fleeing bad guys after getting caught searching their offices, liberating abducted heiresses from bad guys, performing incognito as water-skiers (or showgirls or rollerskaters or figure skaters) to infiltrate organizations of bad guys. Not all of those happened during Fawcett’s one season, but while she was on the show, she was the athletic point person. It’s nice to know that both her career and her romantic difficulties after that point were resolved, and she seems to have died surrounded by loved ones.

    Added later: Rondi remembers aspiring to Farrah hair.

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