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    Skim the cream/And fill the brim

    I’m not sure why everyone is all up in arms over this ObamaCare thing. I lived in Japan, which has social insurance, for a decade, and let me tell you, it works great.

    There’s always America to piggyback on.

    It has a freer market—not free, heaven knows, but freer—and it has a tradition of risk-taking and death-defiance, so you get more clinical trials of chancy new ideas for pharmaceuticals and devices there. America’s less controlled system also means there are more post-doc programs and publications and stuff to help Japanese doctors enhance their practice. And I think we can all agree that socialized medicine, because it humane, and never happen.

    So really, countrymen, there’s nothing to worry about. We’ll just let America do all the vulgar, pushy, hazardous dirty work, then we can enjoy the benefits while smirking about their delusions of immortality as we always have. It’s kind of like the way mafia dons in the movies never have to leave their tomato garden or openly talk about cinder blocks even when someone’s gotta be whacked, see? As long as America’s still got a health-care system that’s on speaking terms with capitalism, we’re golden, just golden.

    6 Responses to “Skim the cream/And fill the brim”

    1. Robohobo says:

      I certainly hope this is snark. Because when government gets involved it always so efficient.

    2. Marzo says:

      Well, Robohobo, if this isn’t snark then Sean has completely fooled me all these years. Not that that would be altogether too difficult, mind you; but I’d be surprised indeed.

      Moreover, the “there’s always America to piggyback on” theme looks like a good clue. Or the links.

    3. Sean says:

      Yes, guys, it was snark. I was actually afraid it was too broad to work, but then Robohobo and a few other people who’ve actually known me personally for years said, “Are you SERIOUS?!” So I guess it was sufficiently deadpan.

    4. Julie says:

      I knew it was snark because a) I’ve had the Japanese health plan (which most of my HCR-supporting American friends are shocked by when they hear some of the details; just the fact that pregnancy is considered elective shocks the heck out of them, and that’s not even that big of a deal), and b) that line about piggybacking on America…America can piggyback on itself? Japan and Europe have had a nice ride for years now, but I don’t think we can give ourselves a free ride. I was trying to explain this to some obtuse people the other day, some of these people who think that everything in life can be FREE and we will NEVER DIE if only Congress makes it so, and they wanted Congress to add in pharmaceutical price controls. I guess they think companies invent new drugs out of the goodness of their hearts.

    5. Sean says:

      Well, a lot of people probably do get into pharmacology out of a desire to help people, but the companies have to create value and be paid for it in order to function. As you say, it’s amazing how many people seem not to get these things.

    6. Veeshir says:

      It’s depressing when someone says, “They’re making money off our lives!”

      Ummmmmm, yes.
      How much is your life worth? Priceless? That means “Nothing”.

      Pharmaceutical companies have been a major factor in extending human life by at least a decade over the last 30 years and for that, they can never be forgiven.

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