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    Just when I think it’s safe to put down my Pimm’s and ginger and return to the blog, I click a link to something that forces me to put both hands around the glass and chug.

    You’d think that, at this point, the Edwards family would just want to retreat from the public eye and…I don’t know, spend a few months at the manse playing backgammon. There’s nothing any of them can say without piling further cheapness on cheapness.

    And yet here they are again. This is from People:

    Elizabeth Edwards – and, for the first time, daughter Cate – are opening up about John Edwards’s infidelity and the breakup of the marriage.

    Daughter Cate? That’s a relief. Clearly, the problem was that not enough of the principals were airing their feelings in public about John Edwards’s philandering. But then, for Elizabeth’s part, it’s understandable that she feels the need to take back the spotlight by force, because that Rielle Hunter is charismatically bonkers enough to steal it and hold it for a good, long time. This is my favorite exchange from her interview with GQ a few months ago:

    [GQ: ]Why do you think he loves you?
    [Hunter: ]Um… How do I answer that? [long pause] I mean, I could give so many answers. I could give a spiritual answer, that I reflect back to him large parts of himself that were unconscious. Like, he’s a huge, huge humanitarian. He is very kindhearted and sweet. He’s very honest and truthful. And all of that was hidden.

    Yes, Rielle, dear: when you live a life of mendacity, opportunism, calculation, and cynical power-chasing, it does tend to obscure your native honesty and purity of heart. That’s a point no one will gainsay. I do wonder, though…when you groove to someone because he or she seems to reflect you back, are we calling that “spiritual” now? We used to call it “narcissistic,” but I was out of the country for eleven years and have missed a lot of cultural developments.

    I also liked this part:

    What do you think will happen to Andrew Young?
    I think like I do with everything: the truth eventually reveals itself. And we’re all here to grow and evolve. And I think Andrew will grow and evolve, even if it’s behind bars.

    It’s all part of, like, the process, isn’t it? Poor Elizabeth will never be able to top that interview, even with the wronged-woman right (as it were) on her side.

    And women associated with the zipper problems of famous Democrats are already upping the ante. Janis says she’s ready to add “crazed sex poodle” to her lexicon, having encountered it in this statement by the masseuse who’s accusing Al Gore of sexual harassment. Jesting aside, she comes off as pretty credible. I was especially struck by this part:

    It seemed to me that the way he came across to me was like a scary, without a conscience, spoiled out of control fraternity boy at a kegger type of person with a perverse sense of entitlement, a rich kid who is used to getting what he wants and whatever, including from hookers, from women fawning over him, and that he was used to money or power bailing him out of trouble. […] He simply would not take no for an answer on anything and I verbally told him no way more than once. My body language said no as well. I even said to him at one point, Al, no means no. To which he just laughed and groped me some more.

    Remember, this man once had Naomi Wolf on the payroll. Didn’t she ever look up from her earth-toned fabric swatches and remind Al about the whole “‘no’ means ‘no'” thing? That rich-college-boy-on-the-rampage image is fascinating, too. I wonder whether the same people who, a few years ago, used the same framework to condemn (furiously) the Duke lacrosse team—before most of the facts were known—will be working themselves into a similar lather of high moral dudgeon over Gore now.

    Why, yes, I have still been nipping at the Pimm’s and ginger. Why do you ask?

    7 Responses to “M!ssundaztood”

    1. Julie says:

      Nipping at the Pimm’s and ginger is never wrong. Especially under the circumstances. I don’t think I really have that many opportunities to use “crazed sex poodle,” and I think I’m glad of that. I think I’m starting to get Al Gore and John Edwards confused, because when I first started reading this, I thought, “Oh, is Tipper’s real name Elizabeth?” and then I remembered, no, honey, that’s an entirely different Democrat.

      You must have been gone too long if this is the first time you realized that narcissism is spiritual. On Slate there’s an article about why some self-absorbed jackass stopped speaking to “the brother who raised [him] like a father.” I couldn’t get past the first page of it because it was all about how he couldn’t get over things from his childhood even though he was 69. He had also cheated on his wife to “act out” against his brother’s goodness (?WTF?) and stopped speaking to his own daughter for 20 years. Anyway, so I looked through some of the comments and found people evenly split between “you’re a self-absorbed jackass” and “wow, what a spiritual journey and how courageous to be able to talk about this in public” and a lot of crap like that. Rielle Hunter is, I’m sure, also full of a similar brand of spiritual courage.

    2. Sean says:

      Oh, the people who want to trace all their current dissatisfactions to their childhoods drive me nuts, too. If Mom and Dad locked you in a closet with snakes and spiders as a punishment, okay, you get plenty of leeway. But even then, not until you’re 69.

    3. Your’s is the intelligent approach to this issue.

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