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    Jeez, I leave America for a week, and what happens? You let preening, self-displaying types follow me to Brazil where I thought I’d have some relief from thinking about them. You let the current administration decide—I still cannot for the life of me figure out what reasoning is being used here—that America should be the world’s police force after all. Sort of. On special occasions like this one.

    You let Elizabeth Taylor die.

    I was refreshed on my return from Lima yesterday; after reading the news, I feel old—or at least cynical—again. Happily, the trip was wonderful. The big, boffo sights were as awesome as promised, but there were plenty of quieter moments that were memorable, too. Take this guy, whom we saw in a tree near Iguassu Falls:

    I hope the ladies he was targeting were impressed with his fluffy butt feathers and the good genes they presumably indicate.

    8 Responses to “Hi”

    1. Sarah says:

      well, I’m impressed with the feathers. And I’m sorry. I should have kept the world in better shape while you were on vacation. I’m mid novel, and I lost track of it, so I asked Kate to do it. It’s HER fault.

    2. Kate says:

      Jeez, it’s news to ME that you asked me to look after the world!

      Since when was I the responsible one?

    3. Sean says:

      I’ll forgive you both, no questions asked, if you can explain to me exactly what—what on Earth—is supposed to be the reason we had to drop everything to take military action in Libya, now. I have been reading and listening, and apparently the high altitude in Cusco damaged my brain, because it’s not gelling for me.

    4. Sarah says:

      Have you read The Man In The High Castle? You know Phillip K. Dick plotted it by consulting the I-Ching? Yeah. I think this was decided… by consulting the I-Ching. I could be wrong, but to me it makes perfect sense.

    5. Eric Scheie says:

      Whenever someone (whether a preening, self-displaying type or not) follows another person to another country to which that person went to escape, I consider that stalking!

    6. Robert says:

      “Hey, ladies! Look! Your chicks can also have a fluffy white rear. Come on! Look at me! Don’t just sit there laughing!”

      I would have dealt with keeping the world in order when everyone else dropped the ball, but I got stuck in a temporal vortex during a fight with some lemons, and found out, amid delivering some fresh “citrus punch” in the future (just my little joke), that your post wouldn’t have been nearly as funny if I had done that.

      By the way, you might want to stay away from your refrigerator at around, say, 3 PM tomorrow. Some fugitive limes are going to engage me in an epic cross-dimensional battle. But you didn’t come in last time. And if you did now, you might cause a paradox walking into your kitchen that…

      Oh. Come to think of it, the paradox from that was probably what caused the universe to get screwed up in the first place. Which is what ultimately caused this post.

      My mistake. Please enjoy the show. There may be light refreshments consisting of juice from dead limes.

      THOROUGHLY dead limes. Best served with vodka when the limes least expect it.

    7. Sean says:

      Trying to distract me with the War of the Limes again? How many times do we have to tell you that only works the first time?

    8. Robert says:

      Since the time stream got bifurcated, it’s very IMPORTANT that it only work one time. IF it worked twice we’d end up in a loop instead. They get a little repetitive, I hear.

      So we need limes in vodka, STAT. But only once.

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