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    I’ve Got a Lover (Back in Japan)

    Glad this week is over–productive but super-busy. I was mercifully spared any cross-cultural encounters of the variety below (sent to me by my buddy–those Brits!):

    Speaking of people from the UK, I’d feared, given the title, that Annie Lennox’s new album would consist of Songs of Mass Sanctimony. After all, her attempts at social commentary with Eurythmics could be downright laughable. She and David should have won some sort of Freedom from Self-Awareness Award for this one:

    Nothing really to fear, it turned out, fortunately–not even on the one with the Choir of Concerned Mommies. Nice to have her recording again.

    I also truly enjoyed the opening salvo from this week’s Popbitch:

    “I theme-dress depending on where I’m going… if I was going to dinner at a Chinese restaurant, I would wear a kimono – it makes it more fun.” Kelly Osbourne.

    Good to know the child’s as much as grammarian as she is a geographer, huh? Whatever you do, though, do NOT click on the Anna Nicole Smith link toward the bottom of this week’s mailing. Ugsome. I still haven’t recovered.

    Out of here for the weekend. Have a good one, everyone.

    3 Responses to “I’ve Got a Lover (Back in Japan)”

    1. Ed says:

      In case you haven’t seen it before, the actor in that first clip, Chris Morris, previously did a series called Brass Eye, which is the greatest TV yet created.

      See Clips on YouTube and a description on Wikipedia.

    2. Alice says:

      I’m the only cool and funny person from the GB who actually didn’t like Brass Eye, it seems. I’m a wimp though: prefer The Day Today, Chris Morris-wise. Also interesting for the early Alan Partridge (Steve Coogan before he got into drugs and that embarrassing thing with Courtney Love).

      Great videos :)

    3. Sean Kinsell says:

      I actually didn’t recognize him, Ed. I’ve seen a few Brass Eye segments, including all of the 2001 special. (There’s no way I’m putting the subject in this Google-able space.) There’s also the one about homos in the navy, I think?

      But my buddy is a BIG Catherine Tate fan, so he made me a DVD or two of the show after the second run, I think. I have to say, I normally don’t find Janice and Ray all that funny–because I’m a colonial, probably–but Nan Taylor and Derek and Helen Marsh are hysterical.

      Alice, yeah, what was that Courtney Love thing? Did she seriously have his baby? I lost track.

      Well, more turned my head away.

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